M-15B & M-35B Combo - $2,575.00 $2,670.00
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M-15B & M-35B Combo

SKU: 100145-200036B

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M-15B Charcoal Grill & M-35B Charcoal Rotisserie

5' Charcoal Grill $720 Save $30!
5’ Charcoal Rotisserie $1855 Save $65!
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Big John set the industry standard for commercial charcoal grills when we introduced this one 54 years ago. This 2’ x 5’ has been our #1 selling charcoal grill ever since. Formerly green in color, a few originals can still be found in use. When we introduced the “Low Boy” rotisserie unit, we set the standard once more, this time for permanently mounted commercial charcoal rotisseries. It is a combination of our original rotisserie welded to our carbon steel firebox creating a one-piece construction.


A 5’ rotisserie spit with a capacity of 125 lbs. on the M-35B and 10 square feet of cooking space and an adjustable nickel-plated steel grate on the M-15B help feed a crowd quickly and efficiently while maintaining the authentic smoky barbeque flavor we all love. Add a handful of our smoking pellets to elevate flavor even more.


This virtually indestructible equipment utilizes spit components made from solid 304 stainless steel. Our exclusive rotisserie frame and powerful electric motor make this rotisserie tough enough to withstand the rigorous use of a barbeque professional specializing in slow-roasting whole lamb, pig, fowl, hindquarters, and other large cuts of meat. The 14 gauge carbon steel, high-temperature powder coated grill body on both the M-35B and M-15B are built tough enough to withstand use by the U.S. military. Learn More


Our rotisserie gives each chef the greatest ability to provide a high-quality product with barbeque purist in mind. Solid, poured stainless steel rotisserie components meet the sanitation requirements of the industry while making for easy clean-up. The large charcoal grill offers multiple grill grate height settings to accommodate different meat selections. Learn More


This shorter M-35B unit features 6” tall threaded, screw-in pipe legs and 5” solid rubber casters. This lower profile offers easy spit loading and unloading and the greatest stability. Longer screw-in pipe legs and the same 5” solid rubber casters offer advanced stability for the M-15B to maneuver over rough terrain without hesitation. Unscrew legs and place in the firebox for easy transportation and storage.



All Big John Equipment Is Manufactured For Outdoor Use Only

Accessories for the M-15B & M-35B Combo

OV-5 Rotisserie Oven
Item# 201305

5 Panels consisting of 3 Galvanized Steel Panels and 2 Powder Coated Steel End-Panels are designed to fully enclose the M-251B to provide consistent heat and reduce cooking time by 1/3.

Assembly Instructions

accessory for M-250B & M-251B Only
2-Way Stainless Steel Skewer
Item# 201320acc

Solid Stainless Steel. Skewer can be placed in middle of spit to accommodate cooking of smaller meat selections.

Accessory for M-250B, M-251B, & M-35B
Wheel Lock for 5" Caster
Item# 102336

Heavy-duty nickel-plated steel brake kit for 5” swivel casters. All hardware included.

All uNITS WITH 5" Caster wHEELs
Smoking Wood Pellet Collection

Try our 100% Wood Pellets. No additives, oils, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, or blends.

Flavors Available: Mesquite, Cherry, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Alder, Pecan, & Apple