Charcaol Grills
  • The Grill that sets the standard in charcoal grilling throughout the United States.
  • The best selling outdoor commercial grill for over 52 years.
  • Reinforced carbon steel firebox is a proven design that is extremely strong and can last a lifetime.
  • Our grill tops are the best in the industry!
  • They feature a steel core for strength and nickel plating for durability.
2'x 3' Charcoal Grill with Screw-In Legs, 4" Casters and Black Powder Coat Finish
  • CHARCOAL GRILLS ARE COATED WITH 1000˚ F BLACK POWDER COAT FINISH: Our black powder coat finish is heat resistant to 1000˚ F and has been designed specifically for the extreme temperatures generated by charcoal. This high quality, baked powder coat finish is more durable and uniform than paint. It is stronger because the powder coat actually forms a chemical bond with the metal making it resistant to heat, scratches, corrosion, UV light and fading. Over time, powder coat finishes retain their original appearance longer, protect your grill against corrosion longer and significantly reduces the cost of periodic refinishing.
  • THE BEST GRILL TOP AVAILABLE: Our grill tops feature a one-piece, welded steel core for strength and nickel plating for durability and easy cleaning. The closely spaced rods run front to back for easy spatula use and are perfect for grilling steaks, chicken, pork chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, salmon, seafood and vegetables. Our simple slide action adjustment has 3 grilling heights to accommodate a wide variety of cooking styles. Stay cool handles allow for easy height adjustment - even when the grill is hot!
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Big John's M-13 is the best selling commercial, outdoor BBQ grill in America! For over 52 years, it has set the standard by which charcoal grills are judged. Our reinforced steel firebox and tubular screw-in legs are extremely strong, yet, lightweight. The M-13 is rugged enough to last a lifetime but weighs only 105 lbs.
  • MOBILE: These grills are easy to store, transport, setup and use. Their lightweight firebox, strong screw in legs and large, easy rolling 4" casters are ideally suited for off-premise catering.
  • READILY AVAILABLE: Big John Grills can be rented from your local rental store or purchased direct from our Pennsylvania warehouse. We maintain a large inventory so that we can ship your order immediately.
  • STRONG CARBON STEEL FIREBOX: Charcoal burns at up to 1,000˚ F and places huge thermal stresses on a firebox. For over 52 years, Big John has manufactured all its charcoal fireboxes and screw-in legs from carbon steel because it is the strongest material available that can withstand these extreme temperatures. Stainless Steel is not used because it is a "softer" metal and does not have the strength, thermal stability or proven reliability of our carbon steel firebox design.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY CASTERS: Our 3' charcoal grills use high quality, commercial grade casters rated at 200 lbs. each. These casters feature large, 4" x 1.25" rubber wheels with a wide tread that easily rolls over the irregular terrain and hard surfaces found outdoors. Wheel locks are available as an option.
  • HIGH COOKING CAPACITY: You can feed everyone at your next party with one of these grills. Big John 2' x 3' charcoal grills feature 6 square feet of grilling surface and are easy to transport, easy to setup and easy to use.
  • SIZE AND BODY STYLES: Big John charcoal grills are available in three leg styles. The M-13B is the most popular and strongest of our charcoal grills. It has screw-in legs and easy rolling 4" casters. The M-13FB features the convenience of a folding leg mechanism with 4" casters. The M-13AB has screw-in legs WITHOUT casters and is a cost-saving alternative should you not need casters.
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2' x 3'   Charcoal Grill, Screw-In Legs, 4" Casters, BLACK 103 $655.00 add
2' x 3'   Charcoal Grill, Screw-In Legs, No Casters, BLACK 102 $620.00 add
2' x 3'   Charcoal Grill, Folding Legs, 4" Casters, BLACK 95 $675.00 add
Optional Leg Brace for M-13FB 4 $40.00 add
2' x 3'
Replacement Grill Top for 2' x 3' Charcoal Grill
$270.00 add

5" Wheel Locks, each. An excellent option.
$8.00 add
- 44" Vinyl Cover for 2' x 3' Charcoal Grills, Green 5 $85.00 add
 Booster Bead Grill Top Cleaner - 10 lbs.
$40.00 add
 Booster Bead Grill Top Cleaner - 50 lbs.
$160.00 add
Wood Smoking Pellets Sample Kit - 5 lbs Sampler Pack
$15.00 add
We carry 8 flavors of Natural Wood Smoking Pellets in 5 lb., 25 lb., and 100lb. packages.
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