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CONSTRUCTION:Standard finish is easy cleaning stainless steel, welded together with corrosion resistant aluminized framing steel. Stainless Steel front panel. 6" heavy duty pipe legs with adjustable feet. Installation clearances for non-combustible surfaces are 0" on the side and 4" in the rear, combustible surfaces are 5" and 5".
CONTROLS: Stock pot stoves are equipped with brass gas valves, automatic standing pilots, adjustable pressure regulators and cool to the touch control knobs.
BURNERS:CSP models feature a long life 3 ring, double venturi, and cast iron burners rated at a total of 110,000 BTU's per section. SP models feature a double ring, single venturi, and cast iron burner rated at a total of 50,000 BTU's per section.
TOP GRATES:: Heavy duty one piece cast iron top grate with cast in bull nose. Designed to accommodate pots as large as 18' and 20" in diameter.
TESTING: The gas system is tested before shipment. Optimal pressure is 4" WC for natural gas, 10" WC for propane.
ACCESSORIES: Tall frames, gas hoses, carrying handles, knob protectors and casters are available.
Stock Pot Stoves
Model #
Width in inches Burner Sections Total BTU's Shipping
CSP-18 18 1
145 lbs.
call for pricing
2CSP-18 18 2
290 lbs.
call for pricing
CSP-36 36 2
290 lbs.
call for pricing
2CSP-36 36 4
600 lbs.
call for pricing
CSP-54 54 3
440 lbs.
call for pricing
2CSP-54 54 6
900 lbs.
call for pricing
Prefix "2" signifies 42" depth, standard depth is 22"

Product improvement may result in design and specifications change without notice