Ez Way roaster Smoker

How To ....Roast a Pig on an E-Z Way Roaster Smoker

  • The E-Z Way roaster is not a grill.
  • It has been designed as a SLOW ROASTING SMOKER.
  • The 80,000 Btu gas burner and refillable wood trough combine the efficiency of a gas fire with the
    flavor of an authentic wood burning smoker.
  • Our patented hood design traps in heat, moisture and flavor while creating a natural convection.
  • For optimal flavor, we recommend using our our 100% natural Flavored Wood Pellets (more info).
  1. Planning Your Pig Roast:
    Determine the number of people that you plan to serve. Allow 1 1/2 lbs. of carcass weight per person. This will tell you the amount of pork to
    purchase plus the estimated cooking time. The E-Z Way trailer roasts a pig at an approximate rate of 1 hour for every 22 to 25 pounds of pork.
    THE E-Z Way roaster will burn for about 9 hours on a single 30# LP tank. Be sure to have a reserve handy if you are
    cooking a large pig (over 200 lbs.).
  2. Purchasing Your Pig:
    1. 75 lbs dressed pig = 30 lbs of chopped pork for 50 guests
    2. 100 lbs. dressed pig = 40 lbs of chopped pork for 65 guests
    3. 125 lbs dressed pig = 50 lbs of chopped pork for 90 guests
    4. 14 lbs. uncooked shoulder = 10 lbs. cooked for 20 guests
    5. 6-7 lbs. uncooked shoulder = 3 lbs. cooked for 6 guests
    6. 14 lbs. uncooked ham = 6 1/2 lbs. cooked for 10-15 guests
  3. Picking Your Pig:
    1. Purchase your pig from a state-inspected establishment. Typically, a 7-day notice for a local super market, grocery store,or meat packer is necessary.
      Ask the butcher to remove the eyes and have the pig ready for roasting when you pick it up.
  4. Items to make the Cook's Life Easier:
      1. Meat thermometer (or two) to ensure 170ºF internal temperature
      2. Large bucket or container in which to soak wood chips (24 hours prior)
      3. Large metal bucket or container to catch grease from E-Z-Way drip tube
      4. Sturdy table for the "catch-all" items and final carving
      5. Knife or cleaver for chopping
      6. Chopping block
      7. Paper towels
      8. 2 pair of thick rubber gloves for handling pork (this is a two person job)
      9. Apron
      10. Container for sauce (allow two quarts of sauce per 75 pounds of pork)
      11. Serving utensils
      12. Chair for resting and a cooler of your favorite beverage
  5. Prepping the Pig and Stuffing Information:
      1. Prepare the pig by washing it inside and out, giving particular attention to the ears, snout, and feet. Place a block of wood between the jaws and thoroughly salt the inside
        of the cavity. If you wish to stuff the pig, now is the time to do it. Stuff the pig's cavity with whole Italian sausage links and whole, cleaned fryer chickens, bread stuffing,
        sauerkraut, or whatever you feel like putting in there. Sew the cavity opening with butcher's string to keep the stuffing in place during the cooking process. (Stuffing the pig
        will definitely increase the cooking time.) Place the pig on the wire cooking rack (belly side down) and place the rack in the drip pan of the E-Z Way trailer.
        If you choose to use smoke in cooking the pig, this is the time to load the smoker trough with wet wood chips or pellets and reinsert into the unit. The wood will
        only smoke during the first hour or two of the cooking cycle.
  6. Starting the Unit:
    1. This is why we named it the E-Z Way! Adjust the drop leg so that the tongue is higher that the rear of the unit. This will allow the grease to funnel towards the rear drain.
      Follow the lighting instructions next to the main gas valve and let the E-Z Way do its thing. Close the hood and begin the cooking process.
    2. The cooking temperature should not exceed 225º during the first two hours and 350º F during the remainder of the cook cycle.
  7. Safety Warnings:
    1. Follow the lighting instructions on the unitThe E-Z Way body will get hot.
    2. Keep children away at all times.
    3. Do not drop the pig on the ground when removing it for carving. This tends to ruin the pig roast.
  8. Cooking the Pig:
    1. Place the cooking grate (with pig on it) in the unit. Do not exceed 225º F cooking temperature for the first two hours of cooking.
    2. Allow 1-hour cooking time per 22-25 pounds of pork. An internal temperature of 170º F should be attained before serving.
    3. By this point, you have already estimated the total cooking time. Keep the lid closed until 1 1/2 hours remaining in the cooking cycle.
    4. Open the hood and check the pig's internal temperature. You may find that the pig will be ready a little early. Ah, life is good!
    5. Basting the hog is optional. This may slightly increase the cooking time due to heat loss while the hood is open.
  9. Coming down the Home Stretch:
    1. As the pig nears doneness, place a meat thermometer (or two of them to be certain) in the center of the "ham" of the pig, making sure not to rest the thermometer
      against any bone.
    2. When the thermometer registers 165º to 170º, your pig is ready to transfer to the carving area.
      Let the pig rest for 20 minutes before carving.
  10. It's Party Time!:
    1. Have a large surface available for carving such as an old card table or a heavy board, well covered with heavy foil. The meat should literally fall off the bones,
      relieving you of a lot of carving. The pulled or chopped meat can be placed back in the E-Z Way drip pan and mixed with sauce, if desired.
    2. Be sure to plug the drain hole on the right side of the drip pan.
    3. The drip pan can also act as a warming pan for serving. Serve roast pork with barbecue sauce, sandwich buns, cole slaw, and your favorite side dishes.
    4. Enjoy!!